Welcome to the official website of Vinnie and the Lubricators

If you're craving some rockin', funky, bluesy tunes and some country t'wang be sure to check out Vinnie and the Lubricators, America's premiere “Rock, Blues, Reggae and Soul” review, with a lineup of songs sure to satisfy show-goers of any generation.

Vinnie and the Lubricators encompass a wide range of genres in their music, offering elements of classic rock, country, blues, and soul with hints of reggae and funk thrown in the mix.

“It all goes back to roots music for us. We offer a lot of originality and creativity and we love to jam,” says Mele. “We're all about spontaneity and really feed off each other. We like to take our audience on an emotional ride through our set, and a lot of our grooves get people on the dance floor.”

So, check out Vinnie and the Lubricators if you want some toe tapping, hip shaking, can't stay in your seat kind of music. IT'S ALWAYS A MUSIC PARTY!